Conceptually driven, psychologically inquisitive, intentionally unorthodox, passionately creative, quality orientated and always focused!


3D Animation95%
After Effects95%
Finding information100%
Lego builder100%
Insane Imagination100%

Freelance Artist, specializing in Animation, Illustration, Video Editing and FX Makeup

Hello, my name is Aaron and I tend to get carried away with ideas… but in a good way.

I’m an Animator, Editor, Graphic Designer, Producer, Director, and FX Makeup Artist.

In short, I’m a one-man band, and tend to dabble in a little of everything. I’m also a perfectionist, so even when dabbling in a field of design that I may not be completely familiar with yet, I’ll continue to work on it until it meets your goals.

My philosophy in life is why stop when a brick wall presents itself, whether in a project or just running around town, I begin to try inventive ways to get either around, over, through and/or under the wall to the other side (sometimes it’s a multiple attack.)

I enjoy challenges and sometimes will seek them out purposefully, but only if I’m really, really bored.

Otherwise I tackle new ideas and challenges head on and sometimes will even stay up for a few days until I figure out the problem. Everything that I interact with on any given day I will find ways to draw inspiration from for another art project or doodle. This tends to leave me in a bit of a state of flux and also leads to some interesting adventures.

Let’s talk about your project and how I may help you.